After winning the hearts of over 15 million players across Spintires, MudRunner and SnowRunner, developer Saber Interactive is ready to take its off-roadin’ experience into uncharted lands. With Expeditions: A MudRunner Game, a spin-off from the series, the focus moves away from wrangling massive trucks into treacherous situations and instead sees you leading scientific expeditions with vehicles equipped with new gadgets like drones, metal detectors, and more to help you conquer natural environments from muddy canyons to frozen rivers and arid deserts.

The game looks to channel everything that was so great about its predecessors, offering a variety of awesome-looking vehicles and the opportunity to drive them into various untouched terrains, each with its own distinct challenges. From arid deserts and rugged forests to steep mountains, the game will let you explore a wide array of environments that will push your vehicle’s capabilities and challenge your ability to adapt to their unique challenges. Steep cliffs will require precise clutch control while fording frozen lakes will require a delicate touch, but the breadth of tools and vehicles that are available to you in this next chapter seems to be central to the overall experience and what will set it apart from its siblings.

From what the trailer shows, the game is less about big trucks and more about nimble 4x4s that can traverse the wilderness and take on some of its most challenging conditions. The trailer doesn’t show off the full arsenal of tools that will be at your disposal, but you can expect to use things like anchors to climb steep slopes and activate echo sounders to get a sense for water depth before you plunge into the freezing cold water. You’ll also have the option to manage a base camp, building research structures and hiring experts who can unlock new skills and capabilities for you to harness.

The game has been slated to launch sometime next year, and Saber says that it will offer “a true call to adventure,” letting you explore “uncharted gorgeous landscapes with unprecedented driving physics”. Expeditions will support PlayStation 4, PlayStation Pro, Xbox One Series X|S, PC and Switch platforms and will be playable in both HD and 4K resolutions. It will also be available on the PlayStation Store and Xbox Live for digital download. Those interested in learning more about the game can check out its official website here. It’s definitely an exciting entry into the growing franchise, and one we’ll be keeping our eyes peeled for more details as they become available. Until then, enjoy the trailer!