Forget waterproof? Samsung?s earbuds seem to be fireproof

nto their case, which isn’t waterproof. This will help prevent damage to the earbuds or their case.

Earbuds are notoriously hard on electronics, but the Galaxy Buds 2 Pro appear to be able to withstand more than your typical wear and tear. The new wireless headphones are rated IPX7, meaning they should be able to withstand 30 minutes of submersion in fresh water at a depth of one meter. That makes them a bit more durable than many modern smartphones, which are typically IP67 rated (although they usually don’t have the X in the first number to indicate that they aren’t dustproof).

While they aren’t designed to be worn while swimming or diving, an independent video review by YouTuber Maaz Perwez shows the buds holding up well in the pool. They have also survived being burned in a house fire, although the earbuds were severely damaged and the case was charred. Perwez notes that the earbuds’ charging functionality was still working, as was SmartThings Find – Samsung?s service for locating your Galaxy devices.

If your earbuds do get wet, you should attempt to dry them as quickly as possible. Samsung recommends that you use any nearby cloth to remove the majority of water, and if necessary, gently shake each earbud. It also recommends allowing the earbuds to air-dry before placing them back i